Water Saving Shower Heads

Top Pick for Low Flow Showerheads

Water Saving Shower Heads save big money on water bills. But what about the shower experience? Here's our showerhead choice for big savings without sacrifice.

You can have a luxurious shower and still stand by your eco friendly principles.

water saving shower heads

There are tons of water saving showerheads on the market. Some work great, some... not so much.

Our pick is the HighSierra 1.5 GPM Low Flow High Performance Shower Head. This newly patented showerhead never clogs and delivers a minimum amount of water in a maximum spray, reducing your shower water use by almost half.

The fact that you're here looking for a low flow showerhead means I don't have to get into the benefits, to you and the environment, of saving water. And it's not just water that it saves but it also reduces the costs of water heating and sewage.

It'll pay for itself within months (weeks, if you have a large family) and once it's paid for, the money goes directly into your pocket.

The unit is 2.5 inches long by 1 inch wide and composed entirely of brass, stainless steel and polished chrome. I love the button that allows me to turn off the water at the nozzle while I lather and back on at the already mixed temperature.

Top it all off with super easy installation and we have a winner!

What Amazon customers are saying

"When I first tried it out, I was skeptical that is was actually only 1.5gpm, because it felt like more"

"The water just sort of explodes out of the hole to make the shower pattern."

"I highly recommend the "Low Flow Showerhead" from High Sierra. It is convenient, innovative, and worth it's weight in gold!"

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