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How does a computer illiterate grandmother build profitable websites?


I'm still asking myself that very question. The short answer is SBI!.

I'm not unlike any of you who may be reading this. All I really want is something to do that makes me feel fulfilled and gives me a voice about the things that matter to me and enough money to live comfortably.

Never have I believed that working a 9 to 5 job 5 days a week doing something you don't enjoy for someone you don't particularly like, is a good idea. Still, it's amazing how many of us do it.

I was lucky enough to have someone I trusted (my daughter) open a door for me that has given me the freedom to work wherever my laptop is (sometimes it's in Canada and sometimes it's in Mexico).

She started her first website ever, through SBI!, and surprised all of us by making money in her first year. Everything the company had told her turned out to be true. Her website quickly rose to the top 1% of sites on the web.

I'd never considered building a website (although I had wondered about the people behind the sites I visited) but it was sure starting to look like a good idea to me.

I didn't even have to look at the case studies of tons of happy SBIers (that's what we call ourselves) who work at home at their own business, I was seeing it happen before my very eyes.

I have a passion for the earth and have always been one of her advocates. I believe that we have been bestowed with the honour, and responsibility, of stewardship to the earth. As a visitor to this site I hope you are able to take something from the site and that you can also leave something behind by sharing your greenest ideas and thoughts with us.

Going Green at Home is a place where I can share what I've learned as my husband and I operated an award winning organic echinacea farm. Even though we had water issues (no well) on our little farm, we raised chickens, ducks and vegetables along with 45,000 echinacea plants.

Oddly, at the time it didn't seem like much of a struggle, we just learned to use the resources available to us in the best way we could. Mostly it was about developing good habits and those habits have become a permanent way of life for us.

In the winters we live aboard our 41 foot sailboat in Mexico. We depend on solar and wind power for our power needs and although we have a watermaker on board water conservation is firmly ingrained into us.

My first website is Solar Power at Home and earns me a tidy profit, even when I'm sailing around Mexico during the winters. It's almost three years old as I write this. This website continues the green theme and allows me to stretch my wings a little.

If you're a techie you can probably produce the same results on your own, but SBI! offers us non-techies a hosting program that takes care of all the technical stuff so we can concentrate on building content. I would never have done this if I'd had to learn the technical stuff as well as how to build a profitable website.

Truthfully, there was enough of a learning curve in the beginning without having to understand the technical side of things and amazingly, I've learned more techie stuff than I ever thought possible just by taking step after step.

Don't get me wrong, this has been a lot of hard work. For me, it's the right thing - working at home, working when I choose, fitting my work into my life rather than the other way around. I love it and I wouldn't go back to my old working life.

What a pleasant surprise to find a company that gave me more than they said they would.

Many thanks to SBI! and Dr. Ken, it's founder, who has changed my life.

If you think SBI! is the answer to your prayers, you can order your site now and get started on your own on-line business today.

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