Organic Garden Fertilizer

Organic Plant Food and Gardener's Gold

Organic Garden Fertilizer - Green, organic plant food. and natural gardening solutions for those who are sensitive to chemicals... or just sensible about them.

Organic Fertilizer Options

All the needs of a plant can be met with natural means.

Organic Garden Fertilizer

Organic gardening gurus have discovered some fascinating methods of fertilizing plants without the need for a single chemical.

Keep your soil healthy and your plants thriving by incorporating natural elements that provide a balance of soil conditioning agents as well as a blast of nutrients.

Below we've listed a number of organic fertilizers that get a big green thumbs up from organic gardeners.

  • Compost

    You can buy compost by the bag or truckload full at garden supply stores, even better, make your own home made compost. Here's how to compost your kitchen and yard scraps into a light nutritious soil additive that your organic plants will love.

  • Worm Poo

    Worm Poop is a common name for the castings that worms produce from the stuff they eat. Often referred to as "gardener's gold" worm poo has a super high concentration of nutrients and no weed seeds. Our worm poop page will help you make your own organic garden fertilizer, and we even have a recipe for making the highly valued "worm poop tea".

  • Worm Poo Tea

    Throw a tea party that your plants will thank you for. Worm poop tea is liquid gold for your plantings. Learn how to make your own worm poop and worm poop tea.

  • Manure

    If you buy packaged manure it is already well rotted (fresh manure has too much nitrogen and will burn your plants) and the weed seeds are inactive. We had cows so manure was readily available. When you use manure from a farm yard make sure it has been sitting in a pile for at least a year, the longer the better. This manure will have millions of weed seeds in it and you'll have several flushes of weeds growing for the first few weeks until you get them under control. But your plants will love it!

  • Manure Tea

    The nice thing about manure tea is that you get most of the value from the manure without the weed seeds.

  • Bat Guano

    Bat guano (poop) is another highly prized substance for natural gardening. Available at most serious garden centres.

Natural gardening with organic fertilizers produces delectable, chemical free, fruits, vegetables and herbs and provides a nurturing environment for beneficial bees and bugs.

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