Manure Tea

Natural Plant Fertilizer

Manure Tea is one of nature's organic garden fertilizers. Make your own with our organic fertilizer recipe.

Natural Organic Plant Fertilizer

manure tea

Steeping manure in water for several days results in a natural fertilizer with all of the nutrition and none of the potential weed problems. Watering your plantings with this solution provides a blast of nutrients for super healthy and productive plants.

Especially if you have access to well rotted manure straight from the farm, manure tea is a fantastic way to use it. Although you can use farm manure in it's natural form, turning it into a tea mixture has some advantages.

When I have access to well rotted manure from my farmer friends I prefer to apply it as a tea rather than incorporating it into my growing medium. It's easy to make the tea and it allows me to get the nutrients from the manure while eliminating the weed seeds.

Tips For Making and Using Manure Tea

  • E. coli 0157:H7 ~ In order to kill this pathogen if it is present, the manure pile must reach temperatures of at least 130 degrees fahrenheit while it is cooking.
  • 4 Month Rule ~ It is not recommended to use manure teas on your herb, veggie, berry or fruit crop in the 4 months prior to harvest. For many crops this means that the tea will be used at planting time only.
  • Leaf Spraying ~ Some plants prefer to have their leaves sprayed rather than being watered with the solution. Add 1/4 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to 4 gallons of the solution to make the solution easier for the leaf to absorb.
  • Aged Manure ~ Manure should be well rotted and at least 1 year old to ensure that any existing pathogens have been eliminated.

~ Recipe ~

Start with manure from non meat eating animals; cow, sheep, chicken, camel, etc.

Place 2 Cups of manure on a 12 inch square or circle of loosely woven natural fabric.

Pull ends up and together and secure with string, elastic or twist ties.

Steep (soak) in 2 gallons of water for a few days - til the tea has a honey color. Dilute if required.

~ Water Plants ~

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