Low Flow Showerheads

Low Flow Showerheads can greatly reduce your water consumption and save enough water to pay for themselves dozens of times over.

Bathroom Water Savers

Find a water saver showerhead that suits your style.

low flow showerhead

If you haven't already installed a water saver shower head you'll be amazed at the vast difference in materials, features and prices available. Although there are some lovely showerheads on the market selling for well over $100 that pummel and swirl and pulse your hide into a relaxed state while saving water, for the most part, we find that people are looking for simple showerheads that save water and money while still delivering a satisfying shower.

Well designed low flow showerheads can reduce your water use by half without a noticeable difference in spray output power.

Features - Low Flow Showerheads

  • Low Flow The lower the better, as long as you're getting an adequate volume of water at the output end.
  • Shut Off Button Not everyone uses the shut off button but it can further decrease the total amount of water used per shower. While lathering and shaving the water can be turned off or reduced to a trickle at the showerhead.
  • Aeration Aeration has its plusses and minuses. On its up side, it mixes air with the water making it feel like there's more volume. On the down side the air reduces the temperature of the water so that the thermostat must be set at a higher level so that your water is still warm once it reaches the nozzle
  • Satisfying Shower Experience No need to sacrifice all the best parts of a shower. Water wise showerheads can deliver a refreshing shower with half the water.
  • Durable Construction Long life, in any product, is a big plus for your bank account and for the environment.

For a basic and inexpensive model that steps up in all the important areas try the trusty Ultra Saver Showerhead, 1.5 GPM. It markets for less than $10.00 and can pay for itself in the first month of use. I like the shut off button that allows just a trickle while I lather and shave. I use the trickle to rinse the razor periodically and tame soap suds. This nozzle does what it says it does and is a good choice, especially if you'll be buying more than one.

Better than the Ultra Saver, but more expensive, is the HighSierra 1.5 GPM Low Flow High Performance Showerhead with patented low flow and no clog technology that delivers 1.5 gallons per minute so adroitly that you might just forget that you installed it.

For a luxurious shower experience and a sleek design, the Delta Faucet 75152 Water Amplifying Adjustable Showerhead is a popular option because of its broad spray pattern that covers a lot of body with a small amount of water and still gets shampoo out of long locks.

Realize big savings on water, sewer, and water heating and it's as simple as screwing a little gizmo onto the nozzle of your shower.

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