Container Gardening Supplies

Basic tools for keeping containers healthy.

Container Gardening Supplies - Essential small space gardening supplies from containers to hand tools.

Container Gardening

The thing I like best about container gardens is the high degree of control that one has over the environment of the plants. From the container to the soil to the light conditions, every important aspect of gardening can be altered to suit the needs of the individual plant.

Essential container gardening supplies consist of a number of items - some for the gardener and some for the plant. From pots or other containers to nutritious growing medium to gloves and pruners. Light requirements can be met naturally with sunlight or with grow lights. Add water and you have a container garden.

There's a little more to it than that but that'll get you started.

The right tools make the general care and maintenance of your garden a simple pleasure and help you to nurture a thriving garden in a small space.

Containers ~ Container Gardening Supplies

The first item any container garden requires is a pot or container. Buy containers made from wood, plastic, foam, glazed or unglazed ceramic and a variety of other materials or get creative and recycle anything that'll hold dirt into a crafty, thriving garden. A bathtub, wheelbarrow or water trough can be turned into an impressive garden.

Raised beds are also considered to be a container garden and can be constructed of recycled wood to keep them green.

Ceramic, clay and cement containers are large and heavy and once filled with soil become a semi-permanent fixture. Unglazed ceramic containers such as terra cotta dry out quickly as the pottery breathes and water evaporates through the sides. Glazed ceramic containers do not have this issue. They come in a vast array of colors, shapes and sizes.

Plastic containers come in every shape and size imaginable. Sturdy ones are easy to clean and can last for several years before they need to be recycled. We used our last, large plastic planters for 7 years before we sold them at an auction. They were still intact and undamaged although they'd faded a bit.

Foam is a good choice for large containers. These containers are crafted to mimic stone and cement pots. They are extremely lightweight and durable and offer seasonal protection to your plants by insulating the root systems.

Growing Medium ~ Container Gardening Supplies

Container gardening requires you grow plants in some form of growing medium.

Garden Note

We like one third potting soil, one third compost or well rotted manure and one third peat, for a well drained, nutritious and secure holding ground for most vegetables.

The planting medium provides a secure place for root structure to take hold as well as nutrients and water to support your plantings. For the most part the mixture should be light and fluffy and able to hold water without becoming soggy.

General all purpose sterile potting mix is very good for most vegetable container gardening. If you plan to grow specialty plants such as cacti, roses, or trees try using a potting mix specifically designed for those plants.


One of the many joys of container gardening is that most containers are portable. This means that during the warmer months containers can be put outdoors where sunlight takes care of all of the light requirements for your plants. Alternatively, they can be brought indoors when frost threatens.

When growing plants indoors, additional lighting may be required particularly during low light seasons. There are several "green" grow lighting options including Fluorescent grow lights work better and can be kept up to 24 inches from the plants. Use adjustable chains or poles to move the lighting to the desired height.

Other Supplies ~ Container Gardening Supplies

From time to time other container gardening supplies will be necessary. Wire frames may be needed to support protective covers. Hand trowels make moving soil and plants easier. Spray bottles are good for keeping pests under control or for providing a burst of humidity.

A set of good quality garden clippers or scissors will make trimming and pruning plants easier. When growing vegetables in containers, scissors makes harvesting a breeze and a funky Folding Wheelbarrow is a perfect fit.

The great thing about container gardening is that there are very few items required to get started. The cost for purchasing basic container gardening supplies will fit into almost any budget.

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