Garden Composter

Garden compost from recycled yard waste

Set up a garden composter in a small corner of your yard and create your Eden.

garden composter

Never pay for fertilizer, mulch or potting soil again. Grass clippings, garden snippings, fallen leaves and wood chips compost into a perfect growth medium that you'd otherwise have to pay big bucks for at the Nursery.

Composting is a simple and natural way of recycling vegetation and keeping tons of biodegradables out of landfill sites. Which, incidentally, is exactly what the earth does with plants that have reached the end of their life. It creates compost!

And while composting reduces your contribution to the trash heap it is also producing a valuable, growing medium that nourishes the growth of vegetables, shrubs and flowers without adding a single chemical.

Composting completes the cycle that begins with the seed. The natural end of plant life is to decay into a nourishing growth medium for new and existing life.

Unfortunately, the plastic bag interferes with the natural cycle, trapping nutritious plant remains in a container that can take in excess of 100 years to break down. (And we call ourselves the smartest beings in the universe)

Chemical Free Fertilizer

Feeding chemical fertilizer to plants is like a human taking a vitamin pill. It'll take care of basic needs but falls short of providing the complexity that real food offers.

When we take a vitamin we get only that specific vitamin. If we eat an apple, we get a myriad of vitamins, nutrients, fibres and amino acids that work together to provide for a multitude of our body's needs. Same thing for your garden. A diet rich in compost fills all of the plant's needs and makes for a much healthier root and plant structure. Garden compost has a complex series of valuable nutrients that will make your garden thrive, not just survive.

A composter makes nutritious "home made meals" for your garden using stuff that is all-too-often thrown in the garbage.

Less is Best and the super simple Fiskars 75-Gallon Collapsible Composter is inexpensive, but better than that - It works! In large part, this bin is so successful at turning vegetation into compost because it is so well aerated. It's also lightweight and easy to move from place to place.

There's no bottom so the compost blends right into the earth. If your last bin produced a soupy mess you're going to love this one.

Looking for something smaller? Check out our recommendations for Compost Tumblers

Here's a video of the Tumbleweed composter which rates very high in consumer tests.

Learn how to compost and get the whole family on board.

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