Dutch Hoe

Dutch Gardening Hoe - The weed control tool.

The Dutch Hoe is used primarily for weeding and it does a fabulous job.

dutch hoe

An easy weeder that makes gardening and weeding tasks fun!

I love the dutch hoe. If there's one gardening tool you're likely to see slung over my shoulder as I head to the garden, it's this funny little hoe.

The best weeding tool for small to medium weeds this tool cuts your gardening tasks down to a manegeable size. Because it cuts on the push and the pull you'll spend half the amount of time or less getting rid of those pesky weeds.

Also called the stirrup hoe or hula hoe, it's a powerhouse when it comes to weeding and if I had to choose just one garden tool, the Flexrake 1000L Hula Hoflexrake is the one I'd take.

It's classified as a scuffle hoe (cuts on the push and the pull) but gentler on the plants because the ends are rounded up. Most scuffle type hoes have a flat, sharp blade that cuts through weeds but also can seriously damage tender stalks of the plants you're tending if the blade gets too close.

Although it works for large weeds (waist high), once you start using the hula, dutch, stirrup hoe, your weeds aren't likely to get anywhere near that big.

After all, the only reason the weeds ever got that big in the first place was because weeding was such a pain. When you have the right tool weeding isn't the same chore it once was.

Using the hoe regularly, means that you'll rarely ever have weeds more than a few inches high and because its easy, a weekly walk through the garden with your hoe will keep the weeds under control. Just glide the blade back and forth just under the top of the soil and this easy weeder takes care of the growth.

Typical Amazon customer comments.

"You can clean out large areas of weeds in a short time and frequent use will stop weeds from returning."

"I got a lot done in a far shorter time than I would have doing it by hand - and actually finished :-) "

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