Attic Door Insulation

Easy Attic Insulating Project

Attic Door Insulation is an essential part of your attic insulating project.

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Here's a green and tidy, money saving solution that keeps the warm air in your living space while still allowing you easy access to the attic area.

As you know - heat rises. That means that if you have an uninsulated attic entry, your hard won heat is rising out of the living space, where you do want it and into the attic, where you don't want it.

It's sort of like wearing a warm sweater with a big hole cut out of the back. Most of you stays warm, but... it's a long way from cozy.

Attic stair insulation solves the heat and AC loss by providing a simple barrier that dramatically reduces the flow of air between the attic and living area.

3 Big Plusses of Attic Door Insulation

  • Comfort - The entire reason for heating or air conditioning a space is to maintian a comfortable living space. Attic access insulation creates a buffer between floors, closing a large hole that sucks the warmth from the heart of the home. Closing that gap (and all other heat loss areas) will keep your house warm and cozy.
  • Financial Benefit - Who doesn't want to save on energy? Discouraging the loss of heat and air conditioned air into the attic will result in an immediate drop in your home's energy consumption. That translates into dollars that you can spend on things that are lot more fun than a power bill.
  • Environmental Benefit - Every step you take to halt the loss of energy reduces your carbon footprint. If you live in an area where rolling brownouts or blackouts occur you'll appreciate the positive outcome that can be achieved by reducing air transfer between the upper floor and the attic. The less heating and cooling energy you use the better for the environment.

There's no end in sight to the constant rise in energy costs. The sky's the limit, and attic access insulation is wise insurance against future energy costs.

It's way less spendy to keep the temperature in a room at a certain level than to continuously add heat or cold to bring the temperature up or down to a comfortable level.

Here's our favorite Attic Stair Insulation solution. Among it's attributes are quick payback easy installation and effective blocking of air transfer between the attic space and the living area.


attic door insulation

Attic Tent AT-2 Attic Cover / Insulator for 25W" x 54"L Rough Opening.attic door insulation
Covers multiple sizes of attic stairway doors creating a tight seal between the attic and living space and pays for itself in the first year.

This is a tidy, easy to install solution that prevents the migration of air between the attic and the rest of your living space, sealing your heated or air conditioned air where you want it.

Although the R factor is a mere 3.2, the unit zips tightly preventing air movement between the two spaces creating trapped air to increase insulation properties.

You'll notice a difference as soon as it's installed especially if you've had a hot spot or cold, drafty area near the attic door.

The Attic Tent comes in different sizes so be sure to look closely before you place your order.

Typical Amazon customer comments.

"Before installing the Attic Tent I could feel the airflow around the attic ladder door. Now there is none. "

"Couldn't be happier. Dropped the very next electricity bill by twenty dollars with no other changes to the thermostat or anything. Well worth the money."


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